Free Tiny Shuckle Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon

Shuckle Tiny Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Shuckle from Pokemon based off of its Pokemon Shirts design. Download the PDF here: Shuckle Tiny Pattern

Grid Size:37W x 31H
Design Area:2.50″ x 2.07″ (35 x 29 stitches)
Colors: 4

My Patron, Emily Crocket, has dreams of making it big as a private eye in New York, but currently they’re stuck in Boise. Don’t be fooled though, there’s all sorts of corporate espionage going down. Emily just wishes it didn’t involve so much digging around in the trash though.

Shuckle Tiny Pattern_Page_1

The original design is attributed to Misato Takahashi, and I’ve done a few tweaks to make it look more shuckle-like. I’m still learning how best to use special stitches so translating an existing design into cross stitch has been really helpful to me.

Actually, there are a lot of Pokemon Shirts that could work well as cross stitches, and it’s bizarre to me that they would put cross stitching on their polos, but not mimic the already existing designs. Like Dodrio looks like it would make a perfect cross stitch but the polo version looks different. I guess they wanted all the polo designs to have the same style?


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