Patreon Only Tiny Olaf Cross Stitch Pattern Frozen


Olaf Tiny Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Olaf from Frozen. He’s so small and uses a bunch of special stitches. Head over to my Patreon to download the PDF and PNG files.

Grid Size: 21W x 34H
Design Area: 1.36″ x 2.36″ (19 x 33 stitches)
Colors: 5

My Patron, Jennifer Gardner, is a witch living in a pine forest high in the mountains. Each winter they fly through the blizzards stealing children off the streets who didn’t go home at the first sign of snow. If the snow starts falling then you’d better get home or the Gardner will getcha!

Olaf Tiny Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

Make sure to stitch this on colored aida since he’s mostly white. The outline is a light grey, so you might be able to pull it off on white, but I don’t suggest it.

Did you notice that during “Lost in the Woods” Kristoff sings “right is left” but then looks up and down? It’s a neat visual metaphor for him not knowing what direction to take, or maybe there just was an earlier version of the song where he says “up is down” instead. I hope it was intentional though. I love these little details.

Actually, “Lost in the Woods” is my favorite song from the movie. It has this amazing 80’s power ballad appeal that gets to me, and it’s so unusual to hear this kind of pining love song from a male character nowadays. It’s a little sad that this tender moment needs to be backed by reindeer and tinted in a humorous light so that people don’t think he’s less manly for wanting to get married.

It’s pretty clear how traditionally feminine this song is. Kristoff wants to marry Anna to support her in her journey, and he is the one left waiting for a sign from Anna about what he should do, something that reflects his struggle with relying on other people. This sort of passive powerlessness could have been a character defining moment that expands what it means to be a man for him if only it wasn’t played for laughs.

I didn’t pick up on it when I first watched Frozen 2, but the music is fantastic.



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