Free OneShot Cross Stitch Pattern Niko, Alula, and Calamus

OneShot Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Calamus, Alula, and Niko from OneShot. Thanks to kendotlibero for the sprite. Download the PDF here: OneShot Pattern

Grid Size:266W x 207H
Design Area:19.00″ x 14.79″ (266 x 207 stitches)
Colors: 32

My Patron, Kenzi B, is a tunnel maintenance robot. One time there was a flood and they had to combine with Kenzi A and C to tackle a the large repair. Turns out one of the old tunnels had collapsed and the rubble was blocking the pumps. There’s nothing a Kenzi can’t fix though!

OneShot Pattern_Page_1

OneShot is a tricky game to do patterns for because of the lighting. I had to go in and take out most of the glowy bits.

OneShot has some awesomely atmospheric music. Listening to it gives you a great feel for the environments the songs play in. It’s hard to balance composing something that can loop and yet making it not sound too repetitive. You want your game music to be iconic enough to be memorable while still blending in so it’s not too distracting to the player. It’s not easy.

I’m so jealous of NightMargin. I’ve always wanted to learn music, but the notes never made sense to me. I could never grasp the idea of looking at a note on a sheet and hearing the note in my head, of knowing what a song sounds like just from the sheet music. I can sing alright, but only when copying others and I feel like that’s not actually making music.

Maybe someday I’ll learn, but right now I’ll just admire NightMargin’s soundscapes from afar.


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