Patreon Only Snom Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon

Snom Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Snom from Pokemon. This pattern is just for my Patrons, so head over there to download the PNG and PDF files.

Grid Size: 99W x 71H
Design Area: 6.93″ x 4.93″ (97 x 69 stitches)
Colors: 6

Did you know my Patron, Haley Beaty, is an alien who has the ability to phase through objects. Right now, they can only manage to pass through thin fabrics but it makes them the best at cleaning and maintaining solar sails. It’s true!

Snom Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

So, I played the Crown Tundra DLC and it’s actually really good! There’s a structure to the storyline that wasn’t in the original game. You have a clear mystery to solve and everything that happens serves to support that core while still giving you a sense of exploration. This is how the game should have been from the start!

I didn’t really spend a lot of time doing Max Raid Battles in my original playthrough of Sword and Shield. They seemed overly long and boring to me and, for the most part, I could just mash one button until I won. So the idea of stringing them back to back doesn’t really appeal to me. Dynamax Adventure solo play will put you to sleep.

But, there is one thing that’s different, playing with friends. With dens, you had to mess with the invite system every single time you went into a raid, but now if I could get three of my friends in the same room to do Dynamax Adventure, then that’s 15 minutes between awkwardly reforming a party. I’m a fan of how Adventure is more strategic than I expected. If you can talk to your teammates then you can make decisions on who gets which pokemon in order to keep your team balanced. It would make for a great party game, once we can have parties again that is.

The best part by far is Peony. He is absolutely adorable. Your mom is a single parent and he seems like a good dad, just saying. I love how he sucks at drawing and you can really tell he cares about how his daughter sees him. I love how all his adventures have title cards just like the anime. I love that he has a master ball that he’s held onto forever but never used, like he went on the same journey we did and also didn’t want to waste it. I love how he just lets you take stuff if you say it’s to find a legendary pokemon. Like where does that end? I’m going to need this last slice of cake… to find Regieleki! I love how Peony calls to check in on you after having a bad dream, you know, just in case. It’s also funny that when you show him a legendary, he doesn’t really recognize it and just takes your word for it that what you’ve caught is actually Zapdos or whatever. It’s like you could have showed him a Dodrio and he would have been like, yeah that’s probably it. What matters to him as that you had a good time and I can definitely imagine him basically DMing adventures like this for his daughter all the time.

And oh my god, Calyrex’s dumb power dance is adorable! And being able to only grow one carrot really hits home how much they need your help.

“You’re more capable than your face lets on.” Geez mayor, tell us how you really feel!

To be fair, the DLC still has the same core problems as the base game, but if none of those bother you, then Crown Tundra DLC is definitely worth playing and is a clear step up in terms of story. Let’s hope the Isle of Armour is just as good.


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