Free George Floyd Cross Stitch Pattern BLM

George Floyd Preview

Cross stitch pattern of George Floyd. I have a series of memorial patterns and I wanted to be able to use the same colors in all of them so I decided on a blue color palette. They won’t be all the same size but at least the colors will be the same.

Download the blue PDF here: George Floyd Blue Pattern

Download the true color version here: George Floyd Pattern

Grid Size:46W x 78H
Design Area:3.29″ x 5.50″ (46 x 77 stitches)
Colors: 7

I have a Patreon for all those kind people who want me to keep going.

George Floyd Pattern_Page_1


George Floyd Blue Preview

You know, I may not understand everything that’s going on with Black Lives Matter, but I can really get behind defund the police. There are so many times in my life where my only real option was to call the police for things completely unrelated to law enforcement and we can definitely do better if we took that money and used it to build separate services.

I once found someone’s phone left behind at a park. My coworker told me to turn it into the police. But it made me think, why is this a police thing? Why does running a lost and found require a gun and a badge? The lost and found for public transit is just some normal secretary and the one at my college was run by half asleep students. For me, I ended up calling the last person that the owner called and eventually got it back to them on my own, but my point is that I should have had another option.

Of course not everything is as risk free as returning lost property. I remember one time in high school when a depressed friend of mine was talking about killing himself over the phone. I knew he had the means and I knew he could really do it. I was a kid. I didn’t have a car and my only option was to call the police, people who were meant to arrest criminals, to go to my friend’s house and just hope that they didn’t make it worse.

He didn’t talk to me for a while after that. He stopped telling me about his problems too.

And there was another time when I was at a bus depot late at night and an old man tripped while getting off a bus. He was incoherent, drunk, and hurt and people were just walking over him to get on. I helped him up and got him to a bench and gave him my water bottle to wash his scrapes with. Then I had to make a hard decision. My options were to call the police, who would probably get the wrong idea and put him in a cell, call an ambulance that the guy could never pay for, or leave him there and hope his injuries weren’t that bad.

I left him alone at a transit center and got called an angel for giving him the very minimum of help.

I wish I had more options.

Defund the police.

George Floyd Blue Pattern_Page_1



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  1. I just saw this stitched up and I have to say, not only is this amazing in of itself, but it is one of the best portraits I’ve ever seen in cross stitch. Fantastic job! Thank you for designing it.


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