Patreon Only Seasonal Bonsai Cross Stitch Pattern

Bonsai Seasons Preview

Cross stitch pattern of four bonsai trees for summer, fall, winter, and spring. This one was requested by one of my patrons and you’ll have to join my Patreon if you want the PDF and PNG files.

Grid Size: 159W x 53H
Design Area: 11.21″ x 3.64″ (157 x 51 stitches)
Colors: 9

My Patron, Lauri, is a dancer known for being able to extend their arms and legs to the music. Lauri requires completely unique choreography and there are whole shows that no one else can dance and will be lost to time once Lauri becomes too old to perform them. Even so, there has been an explosion of artists creating these dances knowing that this is their one chance to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Bonsai Seasons Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

Heyoo, I got my first dose of the Covid vaccine! It’s weird. I saw on Reddit that my state had opened up vaccines for an expanded group of people and thought, “Oh well, it’s on Reddit already so I bet everything’s booked by now”, but I was wrong. I got in early and there were still a bunch of different time slots available. My friends who waited even a few hours later had to take time slots weeks later. It was nuts!

I went in at a grocery store pharmacy because I was hoping it would be less crowded. It was pretty easy. They asked what made me qualify for the vaccine, but they never asked for any proof or did any tests. I guess they assume that there would be so few people faking it that it’s not worth the time to get confirmation.

It took about an hour start to finish and I needed a few extra minutes than usual because of my health concerns so you can probably expect 45 minutes if you’re healthy. They require you to sit for 15 minutes after getting the injection so your response can be monitored, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t do anything if you just bailed.

They did give me a card for when I should come back and a whole page receipt with a huge advertisement on the back, which is just one of those things that future historical movies will use as a prop to solidify the time period, ads on medical billing. Yeah the bill was $0, but they still gave me a receipt for it.

And I’m keeping it too, just like I kept the paper version of my stimulus check, because I get the same feeling holding them that I get when holding a newspaper with a Pearl Harbor headline or a black and white photo with a faded inscription on the back. I get that feeling that I’m holding a piece of history that students will write awkward book reports about, that someday this moment will be referenced in a bland documentary played to kids on a day their teacher needed a break.


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