Free I’ve Got Big Bongos Cross Stitch Pattern

Bongos Preview

Cross stitch pattern of a set of bongos with the quote, “I’ve got big bongos”. It’s not a reference to anything. It just makes me smile. Download the PDF here: Bongos Pattern

Grid Size:54W x 47H
Design Area:3.71″ x 3.21″ (52 x 45 stitches)
Colors: 5

Did you know my Patron, David Helm, is researching alien hair styling products in hopes of mimicking alien styles with human hair. You may think it’s the hair itself that’s the problem, but sometimes it’s the planet itself. It’s so hard to keep a moss weave alive on Earth and don’t even think of pulling off the static fro so common on planets with a lot of atmospheric electricity.

Bongos Pattern_Page_1

So I went with my brother to get his Covid vaccine and it was very different from my experience at a grocery store clinic. We went to one of those large scale drive up vaccine stations with long lines of cars in a huge vacant parking lot at a stadium. It was super quick maybe only a half hour from driving up to passing the last orange traffic cone, a good choice for someone who plans on getting the shot during their break.

So we pulled up and the receptionist came up to our car and confirmed basic info about my brother’s appointment. They were even able to change things on the fly since he had accidentally put in the wrong birthday. One thing was very different though. The receptionist did not ask for any ID or qualifications. It was clear that if we had not been part of the current phase, we would have been given the vaccine anyway.

There were tons of traffic cones everywhere and workers at every junction waving us down different lanes, everyone wearing a mask. There was even someone at the very beginning who mimed to us as we passed to remind us to wear one. Going through the whole thing reminded me of one of those Disneyland rides where you’re shuttled past different scenes.

The actual vaccine was administered while we were still in the car, one nurse verifying that we understood what was happening and another to do the pokey part. Then we were ushered into a long line of cars waiting for the required 15 minutes. There was no opportunity to leave without the wait so that’s one restriction.

It was interesting to me, along with the normal aides walking up and down the rows checking up on people, there were also members of the National Guard there asking if we needed help making the follow up appointment. I’m assuming that this is because the same people who are most likely to blow off the second shot are the same people who would be convinced into getting it by a person in uniform.

My brother got a card just like mine, a flyer for healthy coping skills with a hotline number, and QR code that let him book a follow up appointment even though all the slots were full on the website. All and all, I felt like it was a smoother experience than I had at the smaller clinic. We spoke to maybe 7 people as opposed to the two from the clinic, but I don’t know, I got the feeling that all these people were coming together to help my brother and me and it felt more supportive even though we were passed around.

Well, now you know two options. Hopefully this helps someone make a decision as to how they want to get vaccinated. I’m sure most people will just do whatever their GP says, but maybe now you’ll have an idea of how it’ll go down and you won’t have to be anxious about it.

Oh, and be courteous. Turn off your car during the 15 minutes.


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