Free Among Us Cross Stitch Pattern Emergency Meeting

Among Us Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the Emergency Meeting splash that happens when you press the big red button in Among Us. Download the PDF here: Among Us Pattern

Grid Size:98W x 75H
Design Area:7.00″ x 5.21″ (98 x 73 stitches)
Colors: 15

My Patron, Yenn, is an eldritch horror living in a nebula, feeding off young stars, and posing a threat for any ships that happen to pass by. Yenn won’t attack if you keep your distance, but if you come near, your whole life will be erased from time as you are absorbed into their eternal body.

Among Us Pattern_Page_1

So I’m a little late to the Among Us hype train, but I did get to play it recently with proximity chat. I hadn’t played it before and only really knew the basics so being impostor was super stressful because I didn’t know where the tasks were supposed to be or how I was supposed to act as a crewmate. A lot of the impostor role is about blending in and it’s hard to not look suspicious if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Luckily, I was crewmate most of the time and I could get used to what tasks were where and how the map is laid out, but that meant I couldn’t focus on what the other players were doing so I was basically useless during meetings.

I really should have watched a few let’s plays before hand.

There was this one part I remember when I was impostor and someone accused me of running away from the reactor while it was going off. I really didn’t have a response to that, and like always, you only think of a good answer until much later. I’m new to the game. I could have just said that I didn’t have a task in reactor so I wouldn’t be able to do anything. You can’t do a task that you’re not assigned so it would have made sense for a noob to think that.

Of course, I was not so quick and I had lots of time to think out in space.


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