Patreon Only Easter Bunny Cross Stitch Pattern Egg Dyeing

Easter Bunny Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the Easter Bunny painting some Easter eggs. It’s based on a public domain image by PixelTrue. Donate to my Patreon to unlock the PNG and PDF files.

Grid Size: 98W x 89H
Design Area: 6.86″ x 6.21″ (96 x 87 stitches)
Colors: 11

My Patron, Emily Dean, is a rabbit piloting a bunny shaped mecha robot. The huge floppy ears are solar panels and every year around this time they can charge enough power from the longer sunlight hours to make one night’s journey around the world releasing millions of drones in a pastel cloud to hide colored eggs around the homes of children.

Easter Bunny Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

Now I really want a sci-fi Easter movie, like Alien but all the eggs are pastel colored with flower stickers. You gotta admit, that would be pretty cool.

I’ve celebrated Easter in some way almost every year of my life. When I was little, it was one of the only Sundays that my parents were committed to taking us to church. I remember being really disappointed whenever there wasn’t a snack at the end, like I just sat quietly for a whole hour listening to a class that I didn’t even get graded on, you bet I expect a reward!

Egg dyeing was always a big deal when I was a kid. My parents would buy a bunch of those cheap Dudley’s or PAAS kits and we would have like twenty solo cups of dyes spread out on our kitchen table that was covered in newspaper. My siblings and I were hardcore about eggs. We never had one that was just a simple solid color. No, we did all sorts of tricks that would have made Instagram jealous if it was around at the time. I remember absolutely loving those wax resist crayons because you can get some awesome two tone designs with them. It was good fun.

It really hit home for me that I had grown up the first time I realized that I had to buy my own egg dyeing kits. It dawned on me that I wasn’t going to have Easter eggs unless I made time to do it myself. And out of all the Easter traditions that I could do without, I didn’t want to give up dyeing eggs.


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