Asexual Aromantic Yin Yang Cross Stitch Pattern Ace/Aro

Ace Aro Yin Yang Preview

Cross stitch pattern of a yin yang version of the asexual and aromantic flags for International Asexuality Day. Based on a design by PepperTheRealMVP. Download the PDF here: Ace Aro Yin Yang Pattern

Grid Size:100W x 101H
Design Area:7.07″ x 7.07″ (99 x 99 stitches)
Colors: 6

My Patron, Dani Shelley, is a member of the Ancient Sentient Labyrinth Conservation Society. The Labyrinth used to be an integral part of the city’s culture, but now it’s just a tourist trap, literally. Dani spends their weekends maintaining the traps and cleaning up any armor or guts left behind in the corridors after the Labyrinth has eaten.

Ace Aro Yin Yang Pattern_Page_1

It seems like my awareness days are really close together. Asexuality is when you don’t feel sexual attraction to people. Aromantic is the same thing but with romantic attraction. And there’s me with both.

If you ever made up a celebrity crush just to fit in, you might be ace.

If you go about your day without thinking about sex until your friends start talking about it, you might be ace.

If the easiest part of following your religion is the law of chastity, you might be ace.

If you’ve ever thought of people as fans of sex as a hobby, you might be ace.

If you’ve ever gone on a date indistinguishable from an outing you went on with a friend, you might be ace.

Growing up, I never really understood why people said it was so hard to ask someone on a date. Yeah it was an awkward interaction, but I was always confident I could pull it off if I wanted to. It didn’t hit me until later that there was an extra layer to it that I wasn’t seeing. My nervousness was based on social expectations of having to plan an event with someone, but other people were nervous for other reasons that I just didn’t feel.

It’s hard to explain what being ace/aro is to an allosexual, someone who feels sexual attraction. It’s like, if you only like girls, then it would be easy for you to ask a guy on a date because you aren’t interested in him in that way. Yeah you would feel like a scumbag for leading a guy on, but you wouldn’t feel nervous or flustered about it.

I just feel that same way about everyone. No one is “my type”.

I remember learning about waifus and thinking that the term was interchangeable with your favorite character, and it came as a surprise to me that people actually have crushes on their waifus, that people will choose their waifu based on how much they have fallen in love with her.

I’m sure there are people who would think, “That’s super obvious! People even marry their waifus. How can you misunderstand that?” And to that I say, most of the time you just assume that everyone thinks the same way you do until you meet that one person who doesn’t like chocolate, and then you realize that all those times you saw someone take a caramel instead of a chocolate meant that they didn’t like chocolate. And then you find that there’s a word for not liking chocolate and a whole community of caramel lovers, and this analogy is getting out of control, but what I’m trying to say is that it can be hard to imagine why people act differently than you do until it’s spelled out for you.



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