Free Moist Cross Stitch Pattern

Moist Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the word Moist in the most pleasant of colors. Download the PDF here: Moist Pattern

Grid Size:92W x 25H
Design Area:6.43″ x 1.64″ (90 x 23 stitches)
Colors: 8

My Patron, Jamie Moffatt, is a perfectly normal human being who is upset that the landlord moved the only recycling dumpster slightly father away from their apartment, but they’re not angry enough to actually call the office to complain.

Moist Pattern_Page_1

April Fools! My brother put me up to this. It’s the most aggravating pattern I could make. All the colors look the same dookie greenish yellow and they’re all completely random confetti. All the symbols look too similar so even a black and white version wouldn’t help. And even if you persevered through it all, you would still be left with a framed cross stitch of the word moist.

No one wants that!

Except me! Mwahahahahaha!


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