Free Orange Slices Cross Stitch Pattern Tileable

Cross stitch pattern of orange slices in a tileable grid. Download the PDF here: Orange Slices Pattern

Grid Size:113W x 125H
Design Area:8.07″ x 8.93″ (113 x 125 stitches)
Colors: 4

My Patron, Alecia E Brimer, is a celebrity in the custom sports world. Alecia was so good at Calvinball as a kid, that they invent a new sport every year that whole teams of thrill seekers play until a new game comes out next year. This year’s competition is about strategically blocking line of sight by moving the goal and whole bits of the arena around each round.

Heyoo, I got my second dose of the Covid vaccine! Let me warn you now, it was a doozy! Everyone’s reaction is different, but you’ll definitely want to take about two days off from work/school afterwards. Symptoms didn’t start for me until a good six hours after getting the injection so you should be good to finish off whatever you were doing on the same day.

For me, I slept almost the whole next day. I would wake up at random times, stumble around enough to use the toilet, eat a couple of crackers, and take some medicine before going back to sleep. My muscles hurt all over and I was so dizzy that standing up for more than a minute or two made me nauseous and eating more than a leftover Easter egg made my stomach churn. I heard that vertigo isn’t as common a symptom, so yay I’m special…

The second day wasn’t as bad but I still couldn’t eat normal sized meals. It felt like being normal sick, not knock-you-out sick. It took a few more days to fully clear up, and I feel back to normal now.

Definitely get the vaccine, but be prepared for it. I’m so glad I bought an 8 pack of Gatorade before hand just so I could have some liquids beside my bed. Shower ahead of time because you may not be able to for a few days. Prepare some small easy to digest meals that you can eat in bed so that you won’t be taking medicine on an empty stomach. Have some pain relievers and stomach meds on hand. Experts say that you’re not supposed to take these before getting the vaccine, but you can totally take them in the days after.

Oh and an extra blanket. Everyone deserves a snuggly blanket when their sick.

Good luck and get well soon!


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