Free Tiny Zubat Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon

Cross stitch pattern of a teeny tiny cute little Zubat form Pokemon. Download the PDF here: Zubat Tiny Pattern

Grid Size:14W x 14H
Design Area:0.86″ x 0.86″ (12 x 12 stitches)
Colors: 4

My Patron, Kaitlyn Eidson, is basically a biological internet, a hive mind made of a benign virus that spreads from creature to creature without anyone noticing. Kaitlyn will communicate information about their hosts to a central mind light years away who tracks everything the infected do. Soon the whole galaxy will be infected and Kaitlyn will know all!With this, you can add a little Zubat to anything. They could pop up at any time throughout your day so you can get that Mt. Moon experience wherever you go.

So according to the new trailer for Pokemon Legends Arceus, it seems like they’re switching up capture mechanics yet again. I ended up liking some aspects of Let’s Go’s capture mechanics even though I wasn’t completely sold on it, but this time, it looks like you can capture pokemon without battling them. I’m thinking that this will place more emphasis on your ball choice an maybe this means that more balls will be introduced. I’ve been looking forward to a daytime equivalent to the dusk ball for a long time. I’d also love to see a small ball as a counterpart to the heavy ball, or maybe an eviolite ball for unevolved pokemon.


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