Undertale Cross Stitch Pattern Fight and Mercy Battle Screen


Cross stitch pattern of the battle screen from Undertale. The pattern is pretty easy since it only uses three colors. It is meant to be stitched on black Aida however it can be stitched on white if you want. Will you choose Pacifist or Genocide? Sprite ripped by me from a screenshot. Download the PDF here: mercy-pattern

Grid Size: 114W x 181H
Design Area: 7.86″ x 12.64″ (110 x 177 stitches)
Colors: 3


You all know that I love Undertale. The only thing I felt was lacking in the game was that none of the places other than Snowdin feel like they are lived in. You have all these NPCs but they don’t have houses or nests or … whatever. They just kind of stand around, especially in Hotland. I know this is a common thing and all RPGs have a great lack of housing, but… but… I want my houses, darn it!


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