Free Millennium Falcon Cross Stitch Pattern Star Wars

Falcon Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. It’s really small so it’s perfect for Perler beads. Thanks to ACE Spark for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Falcon Pattern

Grid Size: 68W x 36H
Design Area: 4.71″ x 2.43″ (66 x 34 stitches)
Colors: 4

Falcon Pattern_Page_1

Awe, it’s a teeny tiny Millennium Falcon, so cute. To be honest, I was always more of a Star Trek fan. As a kid, I was drawn to the relationships between characters and there seemed to be more complex stories in Star Trek. Not that I understood them all. The problem is that I was born after the third Star Wars movie came out in theaters and it wouldn’t be until 1999 before another one came out. By that time I was already neck deep in Star Trek Voyager and Episode One just didn’t capture my imagination on the big screen. I mean, I saw it but it was just another movie with cool action, and when I went home I forgot about it. But with Star Trek, I remember watching new episodes every Wednesday night on that tiny TV that my older sister was lucky enough to have in her room and that left a bigger impact on me than any 3D I-Max experience ever did.


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