Shovel Knight Cross Stitch Pattern


Cross stitch pattern of Shovel Knight. The pattern is simple and perfect for beginners and children. You can even try these out using Perler beads. There are open sections of white in this pattern so I suggest you stitch this on colored cloth. Thanks to Daxar at for the sprites. Download the PDF here: shovel-pattern

Grid Size: 67W x 78H
Design Area: 4.64″ x 5.43″ (65 x 76 stitches)
Colors: 5


Shovel Knight is a game I haven’t played, but a game I am so glad exists. It’s fun to see an indie game rise to power so quickly that there is even an Amiibo for it. I’m hoping that the success of Shovel Knight will encourage others to develop games in the same vein, not just nostalgia bait, but actually good games like this one.


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