Free Undertale Cross Stitch Pattern Snowdrake’s Mother


Cross stitch pattern of the amalgamate that was once Snowdrake’s mother from the true lab in Undertale’s pacifist route. This pattern is meant to be stitched on black Aida however it can be stitched on white if you use black thread.

Grid Size: 101W x 110H
Design Area: 7.07″ x 7.79″ (99 x 109 stitches)
Colors: 1(or 2 if you want)

So if you stitch this on black Aida then you can ignore the black stitches. If you stitch this on white Aida then you have two choices: either you can stitch both the black and the white and stitch the words in black or you can ignore the black and stitch the white in black. I guess you could also just stitch the black, but it might be a little confusing to look at.

I really enjoyed the true lab. Having that optional end game content turned Undertale from a great game to a truly exceptional game to me. The atmosphere and design of the lab are just creepy enough to be unsettling. Each of the amalgamates are memorable and unique. Sometimes you can even tell which monsters they are made up of. Snowdrake’s mom is so sad. I just want to heal her.





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