Free Articuno Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon


Cross stitch pattern of the legendary Articuno from Pokemon. Go show your loyalty to Team Mystic! Thanks to Lemon at for the sprite. Download the PDF here: articuno-pattern

Grid Size: 65W x 58H
Design Area: 4.50″ x 4.00″ (63 x 56 stitches)
Colors: 12

So Pokemon Go seems to have run it’s course. I played up to level 9 but never got any further mostly because the app didn’t work well on my phone model. I would have played it more if I could have had gym battles or if the GPS had worked so I could catch pokemon while walking or hatch pokemon from eggs or do just about anything in the game other than stand still and catch whatever happens to spawn around me. It really defeated the purpose of the Go part of Pokemon Go. I chose Team Instinct by the way. Why? Because that was the team that held my closest gym when I turned level 5 and that Spark silhouette looked cool. I also thought that choosing Instinct might give me some bonus in egg hatching. I like the game, but as of now, I probably won’t play again unless there are some radical updates.



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