Free Splatoon Cross Stitch Pattern Inklings

Splatoon Preview

Set of cross stitch patterns featuring characters from Splatoon. Each one fits on a normal sized Perler bead board. Thanks to Random Talking Bush for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Splatoon Pattern

Grid Size: 56W x 48H
Design Area: 3.86″ x 3.29″ (54 x 46 stitches)
Colors: 16

Splatoon Pattern_Page_1

If you follow the sprite source link, you’ll find a complete sheet of all the Mario Maker costumes. These tiny sprites are perfect for making Christmas ornaments and you can use them for all sorts of crafts. I want to get into plastic canvas someday and I think making some of these character would be a good place to start. These squids are so cool looking that I wouldn’t mind having one on my tree.


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