Free Steven Universe Cross Stitch Pattern Steven and Lion

Lion Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Steven and Lion from Steven Universe. Download the PDF here: Lion Pattern

Grid Size: 151W x 70H
Design Area: 10.64″ x 4.86″ (149 x 68 stitches)
Colors: 11

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Lion Pattern_Page_1

I am so psyched to learn about this new connection between Lion and Lars. I have so many more questions that weren’t answered. How did Lion die and did dying change his personality? If not then why is Lion so comfortable around humans? Did he live with people a long time ago? Are there other pink creatures? If Steven made a lizard pink would it have the same dimensional pocket abilities since it has no hair? Tell me, Crewniverse! Tell me!



  1. […] Have you seen fanart of Jasper with a ponytail? It’s adorable, and I really hope that if Jasper is reformed, then she’ll wear her hair that way. It immediately gives her a softer more feminine look that I think she would need as a good guy. However, I really like her as an antagonist, so I’m not looking forward to her joining the Crystal Gems like Lapis and Peridot did. I feel like her story would be a little too similar to Amethyst’s and the “fusion junkie” thing has already been done with Pearl. I kind of want to see how crazy evil she can get. And making all these links to my old patterns has made me realize that I really need Amethyst and Garnet patterns too so I can make ALL the links to old content. […]


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