Free Belle Cross Stitch Pattern Beauty and the Beast

Belle Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Belle from Beauty and the beast in her iconic yellow dress. Thanks to Nemu for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Belle Pattern

Grid Size: 34W x 72H
Design Area: 2.29″ x 5.00″ (32 x 70 stitches)
Colors: 14

Belle Pattern_Page_1

Though not my favorite Disney princess, Belle is definitely in my top five. You know, I never actually decided on a top five list. Well, now is a good place to start I guess. Let’s see, Ariel is definitely my favorite. Lilo isn’t a princess, but hey neither is Mulan but she’s got more dolls. Lilo saves the world from an alien bent on world domination! That should be more than enough to get you princess status, but nooooo, we live in a world where 273 million just isn’t enough to win you a sparkly dress. Next, I’m really loving Moana right now, though this may change… and now I must make a Moana cross stitch. Anyway, I’m left with Belle as my fifth, which is pretty good. Oh, and Meg! Look, I know Hercules was a mess of a movie, but I loved it as a kid, and Meg was all attitude with surprisingly few cringy moments. Oh wait, what about Jasmine? She was pretty cool. After that is Anna and Elsa. They totally count as one. Cinderella, Jane, Repunzel, and Alice are all about the same level of nostalgia for me. And the rest of them are okay I guess.


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  1. This is FANTASTIC! I’m currently attempting to make all of the Disney princesses, but I’m unable to find good sized patterns like this one for them. Is there any way you could do one for Tiana and Aurora?


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