Espeon Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon Conquest


Cross stitch pattern of the eeveelution Espeon as it appears in Pokemon Conquest. Thanks to and their extensive sprite section for the sprite. Download the PDF here: espeon-pattern

Grid Size: 103W x 100H
Design Area: 7.21″ x 7.00″ (101 x 98 stitches)
Colors: 14

Though I personally like Umbreon slightly more than Espeon, Umbreon is surprisingly hard to make cross stitch patterns for. DMC doesn’t have the best dark colors so Umbreon’s black coat always ends up looking a little off. It won’t help me here, but I really need a red one shade darker than 814. I mean really, why is this not a thing? Right then, Espeon… Espeon is cool. I always liked the little tufts on the ends of its ears and that split tail looks like a nekomata. Espeon has a little jewel on its head just like Persian and Golduck. Maybe they are connected somehow.



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