Free Avatar the Last Airbender Cross Stitch Pattern Crossroads of Destiny by Watt.Designs

Crossroads of Destiny by Watt.Designs Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the Crossroads of Destiny episode from Avatar the Last Airbender. The pixel art is by Watt.Designs. Check out their Instagram for more amazing pixel art. Download the PDF here: Crossroads of Destiny by Watt.Designs Pattern

Grid Size:100W x 100H
Design Area:7.14″ x 7.14″ (100 x 100 stitches)
Colors: 14

My Patron, Natasha Maxwell, has found themselves surrounded by a little flock newly hatched star phoenixes, clumsily drifting weightlessly around the room, sprinkling stars on the furniture, and leaving trails of nebulae behind them. This tiny house on the edge of the world will be just the right place to teach the little hatchlings to spread their wings.

Crossroads of Destiny by Watt.Designs Pattern_Page_1

Crossroads of Destiny is one of my favorite episodes, and not just because of the Zuko/Katara shipping. It’s a fantastic episode that showcases all the strengths of Avatar.

Azula gets a chance to really show off her leadership prowess. She’s not just a princess in name alone. She actually has terrifying skills as a politician. And then she gets that line, “He (Zuko’s father) doesn’t need to, Zuko. Today you restored your own honor.” Which is such an Iroh thing to say but in this context and coming from Azula, it’s just chilling.

We also get some fantastic characterization with Zuko and Iroh. Iroh straight up hugs him in this episode, and Zuko is cool with it. And Zuko choosing to help Azula even after Iroh urged him not to is just so *chef’s kiss* perfect. Oh god, and that look Iroh gives him when Zuko lets Azula’s men trap him in crystals. He is so pissed and I love it!

Ah, and Katara pushing everyone out of the way with a wave to save Aang! She’s so cool this entire episode even though she’s the one who is supposed to be being saved.

Can you tell I like this episode? Because I really like this episode!


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