Free Princess Peach Cross Stitch Pattern Mario

Peach Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Princess Peach from the Mario Bros. franchise. Thanks to Yawackhary for the sprite, though I upgraded it to look like her modern dress. Download the PDF here: Peach Pattern

Grid Size: 60W x 87H
Design Area: 4.14″ x 6.07″ (58 x 85 stitches)
Colors: 9

Peach Pattern_Page_1

Okay so I have to tell you about this sprite. It comes from a game called Mario Family and I use the word “game” loosely here. It came out on the Game Boy Color in Japan and could be hooked up to a sewing machine to make embroidery. I can find a few pictures of the set up by no pictures of the finished products. I have no idea how these were supposed to look when they were actually stitched out on fabric. Well, now I’ve made a cross stitch pattern so this old piece of art can see the light of day once more. I’ve always been a fan of Daisy over Peach. Maybe it’s the little-sibling-syndrome shining through, but I’ve always liked Luigi too.


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