Free Undyne and Alphys Cross Stitch Pattern Undertale

Undyne Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Alphys and Undyne’s date in the True Pacifist Ending of Undertale.  I captured the sprites myself during my playthrough. Download the PDF here: Undyne Pattern

Grid Size: 160W x 240H
Design Area: 11.43″ x 17.14″ (160 x 240 stitches)
Colors: 31

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Undyne Pattern_Page_1

So big, so many colors! This would take me years to stitch, but I know that for some reason, that’s the appeal of cross stitching, you maniac. You could crop it, but why would you do that to beautiful Onionsan? And you can’t leave out Lesser Dog. He’s working so hard on that sand dog! In the end, I decided just to upload the whole thing and let you guys decide who to sacrifice, you monster.


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