Free Sailor Jupiter Cross Stitch Pattern Sailor Moon

Sailor Jupiter Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon. Thanks to Sutinoer for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Sailor Jupiter Pattern

Grid Size: 101W x 182H
Design Area: 7.07″ x 12.86″ (99 x 180 stitches)
Colors: 16

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Sailor Jupiter Pattern_Page_1

I’m one of those awkward people who have a stronger connection to the dubbed names of the sailor scouts. I remember hearing the name Lita more often than Makoto. I owned the early Tokyopop manga that read left to right, and if you haven’t seen them, they’re really bizarre compared to modern manga. They’re significantly smaller for one and the binding is cheap. The translators tried to find an unhappy medium between the original and the dub. Some characters use their English names like Mina and Darien, but others don’t like Michiru and Setsuna. Then again Serena isn’t Usagi. She’s Bunny. So I’m sure you can understand why I was so confused as a kid.

On a side note, it always bothered me that Makoto got to wear a different school uniform than everyone else. In universe, they give the excuse that she’s too tall and they don’t have any uniforms to fit her at the time, and I understand that, but come on. Why don’t they ever order one? Or get one tailored? It’s a uniform. If not everyone is wearing the uniform, then it’s not a uniform!


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