Free One Piece Cross Stitch Pattern Trafalgar Law Symbol

Law Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Trafalgar Law’s logo from One Piece. It’s a simple little symbol you can stitch in any color. Download the PDF here: Law Pattern

Grid Size: 53W x 55H
Design Area: 3.64″ x 3.79″ (51 x 53 stitches)
Colors: 1

I also have exclusive One Piece patterns on my Patreon.

Law Pattern_Page_1

I’m not really sure if the smile is curved or not. There’s a lot of images where the top of the mouth is straight across, but I like this smile better and I figured that it would be easier for someone to change the pattern to be straight than it would be for you to change a straight pattern to curved, so I made it like this… if that makes any sense.


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