Free Asexual Flag Cross Stitch Pattern Ace of Spades

Asexual Ace Preveiw

Cross stitch pattern of the ace of spades with the colors from the asexual flag. You can use any colors or just black. Download the PDF here: Asexual Ace Pattern

Grid Size: 75W x 96H
Design Area: 5.21″ x 6.71″ (73 x 94 stitches)
Colors: 4

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Asexual Ace Pattern_Page_1

Happy pride month! Though I’m still working it out, I think I mostly fit into the category of asexual. Honestly, I have never looked at a person for the first time and thought “I want to have sex with this person.” I don’t really feel like I’m missing out too much, but it does make music and movies a little awkward since the driving motivations of a lot of characters are based around getting the girl or getting lucky.


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