Free Winnie the Pooh Cross Stitch Pattern Bookmark

Pooh Walk Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Winnie the Pooh walking. My default count is always 14, but if you use a higher count, you can make this into a cool bookmark. Each Pooh fits on a standard Perler board too. Thanks to Perseus for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Pooh Walk Pattern

Grid Size: 161W x 26H
Design Area: 11.36″ x 1.71″ (159 x 24 stitches)
Colors: 3

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Pooh Walk Pattern_Page_1

I had Ready to Read with Pooh for PC as a kid. When it came out, I was already too old to actually learn anything from the lessons, but I really enjoyed playing it. The songs were catchy and the animations were fluid. The voice acting was spot on, and as far as I could tell, were the actors from the show. I think my favorite part was that after each activity you would get an item that you could put in your tree house. I liked collecting everything and filling in all the clutter. It was a good game and still holds up for what it is.


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