Free Rapidash Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon

Rapidash Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Rapidash from Pokemon. Thanks to Dazz for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Rapidash Pattern

Grid Size: 62W x 45H
Design Area: 4.29″ x 3.07″ (60 x 43 stitches)
Colors: 10

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Rapidash Pattern_Page_1

Sure, there’s a lot of Rapidash patterns out there, but no one’s done this sprite yet! To be honest, it looks more like a Ponyta. A horse on fire might seem like an innovative idea, but there are horses associated with fire in a lot of ancient mythology and astrology. I’m an Air Rabbit, but I’ve never put much stock in astrology since I never quite fit right into the descriptions. I took the Meyers Briggs test and got four different answers. I guess my favorite is INFP, but I have extrovert and thinking tendencies too. I’m not saying that the test is useless, and maybe it can help you look critically at aspects of yourself or make up believable characters for a story, but it’s far from accurate. Wait, wasn’t I supposed to be talking about horses?


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