Free Trunks and Vegeta Cross Stitch Pattern Dragon Ball Z

Trunks and Vegeta Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Trunks and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. Thanks to Superjustinbros for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Trunks and Vegeta Pattern

Grid Size: 111W x 102H
Design Area: 7.93″ x 7.29″ (111 x 102 stitches)
Colors: 7

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Trunks and Vegeta Pattern_Page_1

I just came back from a scary B-movie night. We watched Haunted Honeymoon, a flick with the late great Gene Wilder as a guy who is slowly being gaslit by his rich family. I don’t know, does gaslighting have a past tense? It’s kind of funny, kind of spooky, and a lot disconnected. I felt like they had three or four good scenes and had to string them together somehow. The plot is pretty incoherent, there are threads that are never explained, and the ending is disappointing, but there is fun to be had. There’s a bit with a dude hanging over Gene’s bed that is legitimately unsettling as he tries to tell himself it’s not real. There’s a good running gag about Gene’s wife not being hard of hearing, but the butler thinks she is. There’s a missed opportunity though. In the beginning there’s a vase that is said to be one of only three in the world and in the end it is predictably smashed to pieces. It would have been great if the lady of the house actually owned the other two and just brought them out with a quip like “Ooo, now these are even more rare!”


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