Free Yosemite Sam Cross Stitch Pattern Looney Tunes

Yosemite Sam Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Yosemite Sam from Looney Tunes. Thanks to Sam for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Yosemite Sam Pattern

Grid Size: 118W x 109H
Design Area: 8.29″ x 7.64″ (116 x 107 stitches)
Colors: 10

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Yosemite Sam Pattern_Page_1

So I went to see Murder on the Orient Express yesterday, and it’s pretty good. I wouldn’t say I was engaged the entire way through, but I did enjoy it. The problem with adapting a book like this with loads of characters is that you can’t let them all shine in an adaptation. You inevitably get some characters that are more fleshed out than others. I think they did a good job at establishing the victim before he was murdered, then again Johnny Depp could leave an impression on a steal beam if the camera was on. I really like the main character and his mannerisms. Hercule Poirot is someone who appreciates beauty and literature, but he doesn’t have the aloof antisocial aspects of a Sherlock Holmes type character. A lot of the runtime of the movie is of him questioning suspects in small intimate scenes. Given that there’s a murder, there’s only a minimum amount of violence in the movie. I think it’s healthy for there to be men in the main roles of movies like this. Too often, men are told that solving a problem peacefully is somehow less masculine than finding and killing the person responsible. Here we see a man decide to save the lives of people who are less than innocent. It’s not glorious and he gets no reward. It’s just a simple decision to be compassionate. And maybe that’s the best part of the whole film.

Or maybe it was the mustache.


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