Free Vegeta Cross Stitch Pattern Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. Thanks to Dazz and Fret for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Vegeta Pattern

Grid Size: 108W x 60H
Design Area: 7.57″ x 4.14″ (106 x 58 stitches)
Colors: 10

Donate to my Patreon to unlock my Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta pattern.

Vegeta Pattern_Page_1

I used to have a whole lot of patterns in my Etsy store that I took down and this was one of them that had been sitting around on my computer for… about two years. This is the very last of my backlog. Every pattern is going to be brand spanking new from now on. I’m still going to make sprite patterns though, because why not?


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