Patreon Only Zorua Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon

Zorua Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Zorua from Pokemon. This is it’s Dream World art. Donate to my Patreon and you can download this pattern in both PDF and PNG formats.

Grid Size: 70W x 86H
Design Area: 4.86″ x 6.00″ (68 x 84 stitches)
Colors: 8

Zorua Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

This weekend I went to a place that normally does escape rooms, but this time it was different, kind of like a mystery puzzle theater or something. If you’ve ever played How to Host a Murder then you know where I’m going with this. We had a group of eleven and there was one killer and two accomplices among us, but we didn’t know who. The goal was to find all three before the two hour time limit was up by solving puzzles to unlock containers that held pieces of evidence. The three criminals had to surreptitiously sabotage the puzzle solving. Everyone had a different role like The Politician, The General, and The Housekeeper. I played The Singer because my friend thought the hat was the ugliest. Jokes on her, because I got to sing throughout the experience which was awesome.

The best thing about this format was that you didn’t have to solve every puzzle to win. You could theoretically spend the entire time reading people and find out who the killers were without opening a single box, but that wouldn’t be as fun. They also separated the puzzles so that each side of the table could focus on one puzzle separate from the other puzzle. This way there’s a better chance of getting at least one piece of evidence each round. My main issue with escape rooms and the like is that I have a hard time focusing. I know that if I were given these same puzzles alone at home, I would be able to solve them all, but I just have a hard time getting into a sleuthing mood when I’m surrounded by people.

In the end we didn’t manage to solve all the puzzles, but we did accuse the right criminals, so I call that a win.


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