Patreon Only Natsuki and Monika Cross Stitch Pattern Doki Doki Literature Club

Monica and Natsuki Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Monika and Natsuki from Doki Doki Literature Club. This is a reward for becoming one of my patrons on Patreon along with a whole bunch of other exclusive patterns.

Grid Size: 147W x 83H
Design Area: 10.36″ x 5.79″ (145 x 81 stitches)
Colors: 20

Monica and Natsuki Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

I went into Doki Doki Literature Club knowing that something was up. I had seen part of a let’s play and there are warnings at the beginning of the game. If you haven’t played it. It’s free on Steam. Personally, the most impactful moment wasn’t any of the glitches or Sayori’s suicide. It was that intensely uncomfortable moment after Yuri stabs herself where you have no choice but to watch her still corpse cool over the weekend. The blood darkens and her face turns pale and it forces you to think about what’s happened and the limitations of the game. More games should have moments of reflection like this. Maybe not quite as horrific though.

On a side note, people give Natsuki flack for her People Can Try poem, but it’s my favorite. I think it could have been shortened to the last four lines though. The spider one was great too.


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