Free Lisa Simpson Cross Stitch Pattern The Simpsons

Lisa Head Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons. Thanks to Random Talking Bush for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Lisa Head Pattern

Grid Size: 81W x 98H
Design Area: 5.64″ x 6.86″ (79 x 96 stitches)
Colors: 5

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Lisa Head Pattern_Page_1

I watched Mune on Netflix today. I can see it has the framework for being a truly amazing film, but it just falls short of greatness due to a bunch of small bad decisions mostly revolving around the villain. He has a cool backstory and design, but I feel like he would have made more of an impact if he was hidden through most of the story. It would have been awesome to finally see the guy everyone had been talking about at the very end instead of cutting to him every so often just to point out that he’s still there. Necros and his minions don’t actually do anything in the early parts of the movie that couldn’t have been done by his snakes. We could have seen these snakes stealing the sun and manipulating people and it would have hyped up Necros’ final reveal. Then it would make the twist that the snakes are actually controlling him a nice surprise.

There are a handful of little problems just like this that stop Mune from being one of my favorite films. It just doesn’t trust it’s audience to understand things unless they’re spelled out. I know I sound like I don’t like it, but you should definitely watch it even if only for the fantastic world building and visuals. It really nailed the feeling of being in another world. I’d say it’s a great movie to show kids, but there’s not a whole lot for adults to sink their teeth into. Still, I’m glad I watched it and my over all impression is positive.


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