Free Baloo Cross Stitch Pattern The Jungle Book

Baloo Preview

Cross Stitch Pattern of Baloo from The Jungle Book. Thanks to A.J. Nitro for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Baloo Pattern

Grid Size: 38W x 36H
Design Area: 2.57″ x 2.43″ (36 x 34 stitches)
Colors: 6

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Baloo Pattern_Page_1

I didn’t watch The Jungle Book a whole lot when I was young. Maybe because it came out in effing 1967! Seriously, until just now I thought it was released in the late 80’s because I remember having a VHS copy of it. turns out it was a classic even then. I always assumed it was closer to the release of The Little Mermaid, just because they were both part of the Masterpiece Collection. I guess little things like this can just fall through the cracks until much later when you realize you’re wrong.


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