Free Mario and Luigi Cross Stitch Pattern Super Mario Bros.

Mario and Luigi Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Mario and Luigi. Thanks to YC for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Mario and Luigi Pattern

Grid Size: 144W x 133H
Design Area: 10.29″ x 9.50″ (144 x 133 stitches)
Colors: 12

I have a Patreon too where I post special stuff.

Mario and Luigi Pattern_Page_1

I went to a pride parade for the first time. Well actually it was my second pride parade, but that one I didn’t plan to go to, I was just on vacation and I happened to be on the parade route. The best group this time was a tennis team that was playing tennis while walking! They had two people holding the net even. The second best group was a whole crowd of teachers. They all had colored pencils made out of fun noodles and cone cups. Just imagine a sea of  people marching past wiggling a pool noodle in each hand. It was like watching the most ludicrous field of wheat blowing in the breeze. Good times.


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