Free Lesbian Flag Raptor Cross Stitch Pattern

Lesbian Raptor Preview

Cross stitch pattern of a raptor with the lesbian flag in it, well one of the lesbian flags anyway. Why a raptor? Raptors are cool, and it’s from r/actuallesbians subreddit. Thanks to RadSpyro for the sprite silhouette. Download the PDF here: Lesbian Raptor Pattern

Grid Size: 117W x 54H
Design Area: 8.21″ x 3.71″ (115 x 52 stitches)
Colors: 8

I can testify that all the coolest dinosaurs subscribe to my Patreon. You should too. It’s okay, online no one can tell you’re not a dinosaur.

Lesbian Raptor Pattern_Page_1

Though I wouldn’t consider myself a lesbian, I still wanted to get this pattern out during pride month. The biggest problem with this pattern is that there are like half a dozen competing lesbian flag designs so I just picked one and figured that people could easily swap out the colors. Something you can do with all my designs. I’m not the best at picking colors and the program I use can sometimes put out some weird choices. So, please feel free to experiment.


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