Patreon Only Casper Cross Stitch Pattern

Casper Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Casper the Friendly Ghost. You can get the PDF and PNG files over on my Patreon. They’re pretty friendly over there.

Grid Size: 99W x 79H
Design Area: 6.93″ x 5.50″ (97 x 77 stitches)
Colors: 5

Casper Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

I finally bought a custom domain! I was putting it off for so long, but I am now so update your bookmarks, or not, I’m pretty sure both work. I couldn’t buy the .com version because someone already owns it and wants like $3000 for it. Hey, maybe that’s the ultimate Patreon goal. Nah, there is so much I can do with that much money. No one types out urls anymore anyway.


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