Free Dimitri Cross Stitch Pattern Fire Emblem Three Houses

Dimitri Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Dimitri from Fire Emblem Three Houses. Thanks to warisheck for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Dimitri Pattern

Grid Size: 27W x 22H
Design Area: 1.79″ x 1.43″ (25 x 20 stitches)
Colors: 16

My Patron Ninja Goemon was scared to investigate the strange underwater volcano, but they knew that no one else could go. They were the only one unaffected by the enchanting melody. They had to stay strong.

Dimitri Pattern_Page_1

I just bought Three Houses about a week ago. It’s the first game I got for my new Switch Lite and I love it. I chose the Golden Deer house just because Claude seemed more fun than the others. I honestly have a hard time taking Dimitri seriously just because he’s so high strung. My favorite character so far is Hilda because I love watching people slowly realize how much of a jerk she is. I also love Lorenz and Sylvain’s supports. They’re both so similar and it’s fun to watch the pot calling the kettle black. Bernadetta is cute too. I’m trying to recruit her because I’m sure her support conversations are going to be hilarious.


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