Free Transgender Flag Cross Stitch Pattern She Her MtF

She Her Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the words “She/Her” using the colors of the trans flag. This pattern goes in a set with He/Him and They/Them. Download the PDF here: She Her Pattern

Grid Size: 101W x 80H
Design Area: 7.07″ x 5.57″ (99 x 78 stitches)
Colors: 3

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She Her Pattern_Page_1

My brother started on testosterone recently so we decided to throw a T party for him with cake and food, and of course, tea. It’s kind of funny. We went to the party store to get decorations and such, but there really isn’t a “Yay, you’re trans!” section, but there is a convenient baby shower section. So we got some “It’s a boy!” decorations and some hats that say Team Boy on them. I suppose in a baby shower, you would wear a different hat for your gender reveal guess? You can tell I’ve been to a lot of baby showers.

The cashier asked if we were having a shower, and we responded with “we’re hosting”. Which could mean yes or no. It was a little awkward.

There also aren’t any “Congrats on living your true life!” cards. Like, maybe a graduation card “You’ve come so far”? Or a birthday card “You’ve grown so much”? I ended up getting lucky and finding a Boy Scout card that says “You’ve worked hard for this and I’m so proud of you.” And I am. I am so proud of my brother and how much he’s done to make his life better.

I love you, bro.


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