Patreon Only Bruni Cross Stitch Pattern Frozen 2

Bruni Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Bruni from Frozen 2. This pattern was made for one of my Patrons, Angie Booth. Want something special? Head over to my Patreon.

Grid Size: 70W x 88H
Design Area: 4.86″ x 6.14″ (68 x 86 stitches)
Colors: 11

My Patron Angie Booth is the leader of a culinary dragon slaying gang. One time they stole a pack of manticores from a necromancer. Now they all have sweet rides when they go into battle. Never mind the glowing eyes and rotting smell.

Bruni Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

I admit that I barely know my neighbors. Recently, I’ve started trying to talk to them. It just feels strange. We live so close together, but I almost forget they exist unless they’ve done something annoying. Even if you leave you trash out in front of your door once every few months, I’m still only going to see you as the one who leaves their trash out because I have no other interactions with you. I feel like this is why I’ve always hated my neighbors. They have only done annoying things 100% of the time because there’s no chance for them to do nice things.

I bet I’m a bad neighbor in the eyes of my neighbors.

And yet, I’m still scared to talk to them. The only times in my life I’ve ever knocked on a stranger’s door was to try and sell them something. I feel like I’m selling friendship and that’s probably not the healthiest way of thinking about it.

Then that little voice in the back of my head tells me that I’m being a hypocrite. You talk to strangers everyday. Why are you perfectly fine putting yourself out there on the internet, but not in person? Sounds like you’re just making excuses. I know, and every single one of you reading this knows, that it’s not the same, that there’s an etiquette to door knocking that isn’t there on the internet.

I’ll have to pretend I don’t see the room behind them, the room behind the locked door.

If I can’t talk to them, maybe you can for me. Please, check on your neighbors. Do they all have masks? Do they need something they can’t find? Maybe they just need to know that there’s someone nearby who knows who they are.


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