Free Terra Cross Stitch Pattern One Step From Eden

Terra Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Terra from One Step From Eden. I found the sprite on the developer’s Twitter. Download the PDF here: Terra Pattern

Grid Size:75W x 69H
Design Area:5.21″ x 4.79″ (73 x 67 stitches)
Colors: 13

My Patron NinjaGoemon has been attracting ghosts deep underwater. Grateful lost spirits have started building a town around her pagoda made out of all sorts of ocean debris. Ironically, NinjaGoemon’s world has never been so lively.

Terra Pattern_Page_1

I went on an adventure last weekend. I’m sure that for a lot of you adventuring isn’t on your list of things you can do, so maybe you’d like to hear about mine.

Some friends and I went on a day trip to an area that used to have a some volcanic activity. Apparently, you can just walk up to old volcanoes and check them out. I think the one we went to is called a shield volcano, short and circular, as apposed to the science fair soda and vinegar style volcanoes with the pointy cone and a villain’s lair inside.

I say it was short, but oh god, climbing to the top was a struggle. This was the kind of volcano that was almost entirely made of volcanic rocks, so every step felt like walking on chunky sand and sounded like glass. Whenever I sat down to rest, the rocks would shift underneath me and I needed help getting up because pushing down on the rocks hurt my hands.

When you look up lava rocks on the internet, you get images of cute little round lumps and they look so innocent. Do not be fooled. Wild lava rocks are distorted, sharp, and rough. You can see the parts where the liquid cooled in bubbles or strands leaving some to look like tree bark. They aren’t just black and red either. I found white ones and my favorite one is yellow. Some rocks have cooled with beautiful colored sheens too, gold, blue, and silver. They look like they’ve had oil spilled on them.

So I definitely overexerted myself climbing up to see the caldera, but it was definitely worth it for such a strange experience. It’s funny to hold a big stone above your head, but it’s light because of the holes, and it’s nice to be able to bring home a whole bag of rocks without it weighing a ton.

I had a good time. We all drove through a Krispy Kreme afterwards and shared a dozen donuts. I got a custard filled. They’re my favorite.

Sometimes I wonder if my friends would have had more fun hiking if I wasn’t there to slow them down. But I suppose no matter what you’re doing, someone has to be the slowest. I just have to be okay with that person being me sometimes. And I don’t know, maybe one of them is glad that they aren’t the one who is the slowest. Maybe they had a better time because they didn’t have to worry about keeping pace.

I love my friends and I know that me being there adds to the fun. I hear them answer my questions, laugh at my jokes, and recognize my references. I can see that I’m having an impact on them for the better. I know that they are happy to see me.

But I still have doubts.

It’s okay to have doubts.


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