Patreon Only Asami and Korra Cross Stitch Pattern Avatar Legend of Korra

Korrasami Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Korra and Asami from Avatar Legend of Korra based off of artwork from Bryan Konietzko. This was a special pattern requested by my patron, Elizabeth Seiver. Head over to my Patreon if you want a custom pattern like this one.

Grid Size: 100W x 100H
Design Area: 7.14″ x 7.14″ (100 x 100 stitches)
Colors: 16

Did you know my Patron Elizabeth Seiver is a researcher studying polar hydras in the frozen north. They’re a fascinating subspecies where when a head is severed, the head grows a new body and new heads are grown every year.

Korrasami Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

I love Avatar The Last Airbender. The characters, the worldbuilding, the magic system, they’re all so immersive and well thought out. The whole world is littered with little details that make so much sense, like I love how the transportation system of the Earth Kingdom would only work in the Earth Kingdom. It’s a hard thing to pull off organically and Avatar nailed it.

I went into Legend of Korra looking for much of the same, but I was kind of disappointed. There really isn’t the same nuanced balance between adventure, humor, and serious themes that the original executed so well.

I’m also a little uncomfortable about Korra’s political themes, specifically how it handles the topic of populist movements. In the very first season it frames a human rights campaign as an ultimately bad thing, a group of terrorists manipulated by an evil man. The thing is that Amon isn’t speaking nonsense like some cult leader. Nonbenders do have fewer employment opportunities and less representation in government. They have legitimate concerns and yet in the end Korra has to defeat Amon like any other bad guy.

It’s just kind of sad that after The Last Airbender went so far out of it’s way to humanize and explore all sides of a conflict, Korra would go paint the world in black and white like that. Amon didn’t need to be evil to be an exciting antagonist.

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