Patreon Only Nowhere Man Cross Stitch Pattern Yellow Submarine

Nowhere Man Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Jeremy Hillary Boob the Nowhere Man from The Beatles Yellow Submarine. This one is just for my Patrons. No one asked for him, yet here he is. Isn’t he a bit like you and me?

Grid Size: 100W x 86H
Design Area: 7.00″ x 6.00″ (98 x 84 stitches)
Colors: 13

Did you know my Patron, 1990, is an advanced AI that controls the second largest space station in the Crab Nebula. The people onboard are actually pretty chill. 1990 is so glad they’re not responsible for Crab 3. We don’t talk about Crab 3.

Nowhere Man Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

I have strong memories of watching Yellow Submarine as a child. It was just so different from other cartoons I had seen and I was young enough to not be bothered by the nonsensical plot. The one character that stood out to me was this little guy, Jeremy Boob, making all his nowhere plans for nobody.

I guess something about him really resonated with me. Even as a kid, I liked making things, but the things I chose to focus on were almost always things that I could easily share with my friends. I remember drawing during lunch and my friends would sometimes request something. That sort of back and forth really inspired me to keep doing art even though I wasn’t that great.

I look at Jeremy and all his books and paintings that he’s created and wonder how much better they could have been if he had some encouragement.


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