Free Journey Cross Stitch Pattern Small Version

Journey Small Preview

Cross stitch pattern of a desert city inspired by the game Journey by That Game Company. One of my Patrons, Emma Callau, asked for a smaller version of this pattern. I had fun revisiting one of my favorite old patterns. Download the PDF here: Journey Small Pattern

Grid Size:91W x 100H
Design Area:6.50″ x 7.14″ (91 x 100 stitches)
Colors: 8

My Patron, Emma Callau, is a sand cat living in the desert with their family. They shift the sands and cast illusions in order to keep humans and predators away. It’s also useful for catching mice, but it’s always more fun to pounce on them instead.

Journey Small Pattern_Page_1

Even after all this time, I still love the ending of this game, especially with multiplayer. Climbing up that frozen mountain huddling together, desperately trying to keep your partner alive is heart wrenching. I don’t even know them and they aren’t even the same player that I started my journey with, but I can see them encouraging me as I start to slow in the cold and it still makes me cry.

And then when you see your partner again on the other side, it’s so beautiful and cathartic. It’s an entirely different set of emotions than you get while playing single player, and I definitely recommend playing co-op on your first playthrough.

It just makes me sad that at some point no one will be able to play the co-op version because the servers will eventually shut down and there will be an artificially extended period of time before historians can legally set up their own servers to keep the game alive.


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