Free Citrus Herringbone Bricks Cross Stitch Pattern

Citrus Bricks Preview

Cross stitch pattern of bricks in a herringbone pattern using citrus colors. This was made for a specific project that my Patron, NinjaGoemon, is working on, but I figured a lot of you folks could be inspired by it. Download the PDF here: Citrus Bricks

Grid Size:140W x 40H
Design Area:10.00″ x 2.86″ (140 x 40 stitches)
Colors: 5

My Patron NinjaGoemon has been attracting ghosts on the ocean floor. She came across a whole abyssal plain of fighter planes downed into the sea after a dogfight. Both sides had long ago made up. Some still wanted to stay, but a lot of them were willing to join NinjaGoemon’s ever growing underwater ghost town.

Citrus Bricks_Page_1

I’ve been working on a set of intricate brick patterns, kind of like blackwork but with only full stitches. Is there a name for that? Bricks can be laid in all sorts of cool patterns. You’ve got your classic offset brick wall, but you can get fancy with spirals and zigzags and stuff. All those tiny bricks would be just a nightmare to me, but you might appreciate the challenge.

Oh, and by the way, this is one of the patterns I chose for my new merch store with Red Bubble. You can now get this on a shirt or a mug or a face mask, heck they even have bathmats! I made a bunch of new patterns just for the store, so you can get a sneak peak of new stuff there before I post it here!


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