Free Kamek Cross Stitch Pattern Mario Bros

Kamek Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Kamek and some Toadies from Mario. Thanks to Bacon for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Kamek Pattern

Grid Size:96W x 186H
Design Area:6.86″ x 13.14″ (96 x 184 stitches)
Colors: 13

My Patron Kristi Drouin is a connoisseur of rare alcohols. Not just your normal wines and beers, oh no. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried Screaming Mandrake Moonshine. The mandrake isn’t screaming, but you will be after all the trippy nightmares it’ll give you.

Kamek Pattern_Page_1

I’ve been playing a bunch of smaller games that I bought in that huge racial justice bundle. It had literally more than 1000 indie games in it. I really liked The Floor is Jelly. It’s a 2D puzzle platformer where the puzzle part comes almost entirely from the movement mechanic where the floor and walls are all jelly.

I got about a fourth of the way through before my lack of skill stopped me from going any further, but those of you with old school Mario skills would have a lot more fun with bouncing around on wobbly walls.


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