Free Beetlejuice Cross Stitch Pattern Cartoon Face

Beetlejuice Portrait Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Beetlejuice from the Beetlejuice cartoon. Thanks to Mr. C for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Beetlejuice Portrait Pattern

Grid Size:88W x 103H
Design Area:6.14″ x 7.21″ (86 x 101 stitches)
Colors: 9

My Patron, Alex Currant, is a shapeshifting master of disguise. They can be mistaken for just about anyone if they have a few good photos to go off of. Problem is that they really aren’t into becoming a spy or an actor or anything like that. Instead they use the ability along with a 3D scanner and resin printer to make hyper realistic fantasy models for tabletop roleplaying.

Beetlejuice Portrait Pattern_Page_1

I’ve been watching a few episodes of Beetlejuice and it’s just okay by today’s standards, but I have to remember that this show came out in 1989, before Nicktoons and before Cartoon Network. Beetlejuice was competing with Captain Planet, Talespin, Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, and Tiny Toon Adventures. Those were just about the only top tier new cartoons of the time and I think Beetlejuice with it’s creative monster designs and squishy animations really carved out a niche in cartoons that wouldn’t be filled until years later with Ahh Real Monsters.

There’s something about the show that makes me feel nostalgic even though I barely watched it at all as a kid. It’s the hand drawn animations with simple colors and that weird color shift that all old cartoons have where none of the colors are quite the same or make sense. You know like when you see a character with blonde hair but it looks kind of green. And everything is so squishy like those old Looney Tunes shorts where they’ll get hit with an anvil and flatten into a pancake.

It’s pretty fun. I’d suggest checking it out, but if you’re not sold by the first few episodes, it’s probably not your thing.


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